warm candles for your home

15 Scented Candles To Make Your Home
Feel Cozy And Smell Unbelievable



I bet you have come across that one person who judges others by how they smell. After all personal hygiene is very important, you can’t deny that. I exercise the same judgment by approving (or not) the way their homes smell. Smell is a powerful connection to me, it ignites, it irritates, relaxes, releases happy hormones, calms me down, changes the aura of a room and is such a personal signature that you can sprinkle around your home.

I stay away from artificial room fresheners because of their CFC content and other fallacies. Also incense sticks are now getting controversial with the latest findings that they might be carcinogenic and their smoke can be equally harmful like that of a cigarette.

To keep fragrant flowers as houseplants can be a win-win situation, but we all are not gifted with green thumbs, are we? So the best non-harmful way of making your home smell like heaven is to pile on your purchase of scented candles. I have listed fifteen of my tried and tested brands of best-scented candles which will make your house smell incredible. 


Crossroads Buttered Maple Syrup Scented 2-Wick Candle


A spicy fragrance to usher in the ‘fall season’ in your home! While shopping for scented candles there are two absolutely crucial points you have to keep in mind – how long the fragrance lasts while burning the candle and how long the candle lasts or its total burning time. 

After all, with all the money you are shelling out to own some luxury, it should not burn a hole in your pocket with frequent purchase, right?

Crossroads scores A+ in both of these. Although I would have preferred the fragrance stay a little longer after I’ve extinguished the candle, but maybe because it is not concocted out of artificial chemicals or so, the scent clears off the air soon after.

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Scented Candle


Fresh Cut Christmas
Tree Scented Candle


The aroma of a fresh forest after the season’s first rain and the warm fuzzy festive feeling of a warm Christmas morning bring a great wide big toothy smile on my face on lonely dark evenings. 

And the Silver Dollar Candle Co. small batch and hand poured candles just do that for me. They are made from natural ingredients with lead-free cotton wicks which assure me that I’m not exposing my body to any harmful chemical fumes.

Given the long burning hour of this candle, I find it suitable for a smaller room in order to truly let the candle weave its magic. In a big living room, the subtle scent of pine trees might fail to register even.

One Fur All Candle


One Fur All


Oh, how many of us pet parents roll their eyes when guests come to our house and scrunch up their noses because well, our house does smell of our pets! And nahhhh we are not apologetic. But of course, we are not inconsiderate also. And hence I bring out my pet odor eliminator candles on those occasions.

Before buying these I had some reservation of how effective or strong these will be but they came out pretty successful in that battlefield.

They also come in twenty whopping fragrances and are made of natural material like soya wax. Win-win I say! As much as I adore all the fresh fragrances of Pumpkin Spice and Lavender Green Tea, I have to say these candles burn out way faster. But I have a solution to that. I have made these my special purpose candles and voila, the problem with burning time is resolved.

Squire Boone's Wooden Wick Fireside Scented Soy Candle


Squire Boone’s Wooden Wick Fireside Scented Soy Candle


What wouldn’t I give for a candle with a cause? And this one besides smelling exceptional has an excellent production method that is so helpful to the farmers of the US and the environment. 100 % soybean wax!!

That means no toxic chemicals and no crude oil abuse for producing candle wax. And you know right, all of us don’t have a crackling fireplace although we all dream of owning one.

And a country home! Well, all of these come packaged in a neat little bottle of their own. The wooden wick makes these little noises during burning that will remind you of burning twigs in a wintry evening. This candle has a good and long burning time but the wick sometimes gives out gray smokes which a few people might find offensive.

bath & body works candle


Bath & Body Works – Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle, Eucalyptus Spearmint (2-Pack)


Stress is our constant companion in today’s life. But if you ask what do I prefer doing after a ‘screamfest’ with my editor?

No, drowning myself in booze doesn’t work for me as much this stress buster candle works.  With an all-encompassing eucalyptus smell permeating my sheets and pillows, I’m instantly transported to a relaxing spa. The three-wick candle makes the scent travel way faster and does do without lessening the burning time of the candle. This candle though is not for small rooms. Yes, it has a strong aroma and well suited for a 400 sq ft at least.


WoodWick Candle Warm Woods Trilogy


Three scents at the cost of one? Can life for a candle person get better than this? The magical effect although is the layering of the fragrances. Each layer has its own distinct aroma which intermingles as the layers melt and fuse together. 

What feeling does it give me? Buried deep within a snowing forest rests my log cabin. Of course the woodwick crackles, that goes without saying. 

And not only the quality of the candle but the look is also aesthetically pleasing and can create an interesting corner decor. With the patented Pluswick innovation, a few people might find the crackling noise to be too loud and interruptive instead of merry and joyful.

smell my nuts candle


  Our Own Candle Company:
 Smell My Nuts Scented


I love a conversation starter or a turner (even)! And the goofy name this candle comes with, I can always expect peals of laughter or a chuckle at least when my intrigued guests check the bottle out. 

It smells so great that it is inevitable that people will want to see the source. Don’t believe me? Read 1500+ people screaming their head off in Amazon review of this candle. Yes, it does smell divine and should I say super yum too? .

I mean if you admire transforming your room into a baker’s kitchen and adore the freshly baked smell of warm banana bread. Though the burning time is excellent and it gives off fragrance even when it is not lit, I do have a slight issue with the black ball forming on the top of its wick after burning. Maybe the quality of the wick can be worked upon so that a 100% divine candle experience can be created

nest candle


  NEST Fragrances Classic Candle-Bamboo


Candles can make a good gift when they come with the twin benefit of bewitching fragrance and an elegant container that complements modern decor. I find NEST candles to be excellent in both of these features. 

Friends who have big houses or pets really appreciate the strong scent of this candle with its floral and citrusy notes. If you are short of time and exactly don’t have four hours to let a candle work its smell-spell, NEST candle will come to the rescue. This is so not for a small cramped space or for people who enjoy the very light delicate smell. Also, the price tag makes it a gift item for real special occasions.


  Rewined Champagne Candle


And it is wine’o clock in the candle clock! All vino-hearts gather around because if you love your tipple, you will adore this candle. Plus, no hangovers, guaranteed.

Packed in a 100% glass container which is a recycled wine-bottle bottom, this candle will remind you of a flute of delicious sweet champagne. The scent is so subtle that people with a serious aversion to scented candles will appreciate this candle.

It does not have that cloying smell which causes headaches and nausea. It comes in a great packaging and has a decent burning life but the top of the candle does not always melt evenly. I think maybe a better wick can resolve this issue.


  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Scented Soy Candle Geranium


Cramped quarters with no garden? Create an illusion of overflowing flower beds with this bold and cheerful smelling geranium blossom packed in a delightful candle. The size might be small, but it does pack a big punch. 

Both the vessel and the wax are eco-friendly so it will make an ideal gift for earth lovers. This candle will last you a long time but it does not burn too well towards the bottom. Maybe because of the wick holder or for some other reason, it stops burning even when around half an inch of wax is still left at the bottom.


  LA JOLIE MUSE Jasmine Scented Candle


With strong floral notes like jasmine, it is a trick to find out something which doesn’t overwhelm your nostrils. My latest find for those sublime occasions is La Jolie’s Jasmine.

This candle comes in a pretty packaging and the gorgeous glass jar can be recycled to be used later for your cocktails or other drinks. These are my constant candle companions for a nice bubble bath as they both completely relax me and soothe my senses to perfection. 

But on my third order, I found that the wick of the candle was a bit off center and it traveled further to one side as it burned down. This resulted in the incomplete burning of the candle which was kind of meh! But do check your wick, exchange or return if it is off center. Can be just one off order though!


Malicious Women Candle Co. Espresso Yo’ Self


With women empowerment being the slogan of the day, don’t keep your candles at bay! This one here sends a part of the proceeds towards projects to help underprivileged women.

This beautiful cause and an equally enchanting perfumed candle make you take a double look at the candle. Even the label is recycled and the container is an old-fashioned apothecary bottle which will definitely add that star in a quirky decor. 

The labels of these candles are so humorous you can actually match the personality of your friends if you have them in your mind for gifting purpose. Though the candles are all natural and smell perfect even when not lit, yet the price for this little quantity is slightly daunting. But who would not shell out some extra for a laugh or two? Eh?


Fresh Linen Luxury by Lulu Candles


These handcrafted luxury candles come with a burning time of a hundred hours! Sporting a sophisticated packaging this candle has a very clean and crisp smell. If you enjoy a whiff of fresh laundry smell, then this perfume is for you. I didn’t use it personally but came across at my friend’s place. Some of us like the smell of old books and can spend hours at end in the library, likewise, some of us enjoy fresh linen. It creates comfort. Though the smell is so delicate I don’t think I would recommend it for large rooms where it might get completely lost.

Hearth and Hand Magnolia Lidded Jar Container Soy Candle


Hearth and Hand Magnolia


You want a product with a face associated with it which is not that of an endorser’s but one of that of the actual creator’s you can reach out and have a personal connection with?

Then Hearth and Hand with Magnolia are for you. A glimpse into a life on the farms with its rustic little green jar, this candle smells heavenly with a sweet and woodsy aroma of cedar and magnolia. Though I would have preferred to reserve the green jar to recycle it for other votive candles, the green paint kind of chipped off towards the end. It did defeat my purpose because the packaging and the look of this candle were so neat otherwise.

Old Factory Scented Candles for Men - Lumberjack


Old factory Lumberjack – For Men


Gifting a candle to a man has been always kind of nerve-racking for me. But well sometimes I do want to share my love for candles with men in my life.

So gingerly I picked up a packet of Old Factory’s Lumberjack. The packaging was sturdy and decorative, very suitable for my gifting purpose to my dad on this Father’s Day. It had three candles – Sandalwood, Mahogany & Pine. 

Yes, he hasn’t disowned me even after lighting the candle. So I’m good. But when I checked out the size of the candles later, I kind of expected more quantity per candle at the price I paid. While checking the online reviews, I see most people going gaga over the post-sales service of Old Factory and how they sit through with the customer to solve their problems. I really appreciate that warm gesture.

Need a season or a reason to buy a scented candle?

Scented candles are the simplest way to add elegance to your room, in any season. The perfume creates a subtle statement of your personality and also introduces notes of freshness in your house. 

But we want to stay away from artificial scents and harmful chemicals while splurging on such comforts, right? Our list will help you not only to select the perfect candle for your home but to know how to exercise your candle-choice and bag the best!