How to Make a Snowflake Out of Beads and Wire (Tutorial)

How to make a snowflake out of beads and wire

Bored with the same old Christmas decorations you bring out every year? Frustrated by the fact that your Christmas tree looks like a photocopy of your neighbor’s tree (clearly you’re not the only one who stumbled upon that Christmas decorations sale at your local supermarket last year). Tired of having to replenish your supplies of baubles, stars and icicles every year as a result of unfortunate but inevitable accidents involving your kids, pets or sometimes even yourself?

Why don’t you make your own decorations this year? Using a piece of wire and some beads you can create a beautiful, unique and accident-proof snowflake within 30 minutes or less! Don’t worry if you haven’t got professional beading supplies at home. You don’t necessarily have to use the materials recommended in this tutorial. You can treat it more as a set of guidelines and use a thicker wire and any type of beads you have lying around at home.


  1. Bugle beads
  2. Small seed beads
  3. Large seed beads
  4. 1.5m piece of 0.3mm wire
  5. Scissors


1. Slide 1 large seed bead, 4 small seed beads, 1 bugle bead, 4 small seed beads, 1 more bugle bead and one small seed bead down to a few centimetres from the end of the wire.

2. Bring the wire back around through the small seed bead and the bugle bead leaving a small loop at the tip.

3. String 1 bugle bead and 1 small seed bead onto the wire. Then push the wire back through the bugle bead.

4. Wrap the wire around the ‘arm’ of the snowflake and repeat step 3 on the other side.

5. Move down to the bottom of the next bugle bead.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 and push the wire all the way down through the first bead. Next, wrap the short end of the wire around the long one and cut it as close to the large bead as possible.

7. String the same sequence of beads as in step 1 onto the wire but this time add 3 small seed beads at the top.

8. Go back through the bugle bead.

9. Repeat steps 3-6.

10. Make two more snowflake arms on each side following steps 7-9. Each time you finish one arm, wrap the wire around the centre a couple of times.

Feel free to modify this design any way you want to. Six arms is the minimum but you might want to create an eight-armed snowflake with shorter arms in between four long ones. You can also experiment with the length of the arms and the number of ‘branches’ on each one. If you don’t have bugle beads, you might as well use regular seed beads instead. Bear in mind, however, that it’s much easier to push the wire through bugle beads which saves you time and nerves (trust me).

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  1. Sheila says

    Thank you,
    This tutorial is really great. I have used Swarovski and Czech glitter beads in assorted colours on gold trembler wire. The effect is magical
    especially as I try and make unusual light-catchers.
    (from UK)

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