DIY Sewing Cabinet

Updated: October 4, 2013

diy sewing cabinet

For the sewing hobbyist, finding the space to hold all the sewing equipment, tools and other materials can be quite challenging.  If a spare room to dedicate to this activity is not available, you can perhaps fit in all of your sewing paraphernalia in an old cabinet repurposed for your favorite activity.

First, you will need a sewing workspace.  Most manufactured sewing machines make use of a drop-leaf table.  These are tables with a fixed section at the center and a hinged section on either side that may be dropped to conserve space or taken up and supported by a bracket or a fold-out leg underneath to extend the work surface.  If you encounter difficulty in finding a ready-made drop-leaf table in your local specialty or craft stores, you can easily make one yourself.  You would need a sheet of plywood, which can be made or birch, cherry, walnut or maple, as well as piano hinges to attach the fixed and hinge sections to each other and to affix the entire table to the inside of your cabinet.  Be sure to consider the appropriate worktable height for you when you are sewing.  Also, make sure that once the table is extended to its full-length, it is parallel to the floor and can comfortably accommodate your sewing machine together with your other sewing materials.

Once you have attached your sewing table to your cabinet, you would need to consider how to store your sewing materials.  Clear plastic boxes and trays can hold your spools of thread, button and pins, while pocketed hanging storage can hold your needles, tape measures and shears. These solutions will allow you to maximize the remaining space for storage once the drop-leaf table is folded up.

With this space-saving solution, you may designate any room in your house as your sewing room, and then just fold up and close the armoire when your sewing is done.

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