Tutorial: How to Make Homemade Kitchen Corner Drawers


Drawers are essential in kitchen storage and without this space your kitchen would be messy. Installing drawers is a challenging task and it even becomes more perplexing if you are making corner drawers. If you pay attention to these instructions you should be able install corner drawers even with basic carpentry skills.

What you need are pieces of wood, nails, screws and several carpentry tools.

First thing you have to do is to measure the width of the corner as well as the length so you will know the size of your base. Now cut the base of the drawer according to the measurement you have. Take note that this is a corner drawer so the front and back part of the base would have a cornered angle. Now that you have the base the next thing you need to make is the side panels and the pieces for the posterior part of the drawer. You still need to base the measurement to the first piece you have previously cut.

After cutting all the pieces you should have one base, 2 side panels, 2 back panels and 2 front panels. Assemble the pieces together and secure it. Check if it fits the corner.

For the finishing touches, sand and paint the drawer then attach the drawer handle.

>> Tutorial: How to Make Homemade Kitchen Corner Drawers <<

image source: instructables.com

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