DIY Coat Hanger Cat Bed

Updated: January 2, 2014

DIY Coat Hanger Cat Bed

Just like you, your cat needs a private place where he can sleep, play and do his thing but you don’t have to spend much to get your cat a cat house. You can create a cat house especially for your beloved pet. What you need are 2 hangers made of wire, adult t-shirt, tie wires, and a small pillow.

Unravel and straighten the two hangers then, form a cross using the straightened hangers. Tie the intersection of the hangers before bending it and forming a curve just like in the 3rd picture. Secure the wires to the small pillow by tying each wire to the 4 sides of the pillow. Next you need to do is to carefully insert the pillow with wires inside the shirt through the large bottom hole.

Ones the pillow is neatly placed inside the shirt you then have to tie the bottom of the shirt to close the hole. The t-shirt should be stretched forming a tent like structure. The head-hole of the shirt will serve as your cat’s door for his new hole.

This DIY cat house is easy to follow and assemble so you can clean it as often as you want or you can also change the shirt to modify the design on your cat’s house.

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