Homemade Plant Pot Fairy Garden

fairy garden

You can create a fairy garden to make your home look enchanting. While you can buy ready -made fairy homes, it would be great if you can just build yourself.

Get supplies of wood from your local craft store and some nails. If you still have leftover paint that can be used, then you can make do with that. Try to solicit help from your children and for sure, they will be delighted to assist you.

Around two miniature fairy homes will do, three the most. Then you can make chairs and tables outside them to create a life-like version. How about putting some wooden animals? Yes, you will really get quite creative when you make fairy gardens. This activity will remind you of your happy childhood.

You can make your fairy garden look more appealing by putting some flowers around it. They are supposed to attract your friendly fairies, don’t they? You can choose pansies, roses, daisies and others. Of course, choose a variety that will grow best in your area so you won’t have problems taking care of it.

If you have some old and forgotten terra cotta pots lying somewhere unnoticed, then you don’t need to spend on purchasing wood for your fairy garden. Just let your artistic nature take its course. You can be sure you will weave your own magic into creating a fascinating and unique fairy garden.

>> Fairy Gardens In Broken Terra Cotta Pots <<

image source: http://refreshingthehome.com/fairy-gardens


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