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Easy Paper Easter Basket

This Easy Paper Easter Basket is Perfect For Last Minute

Handmade paper Easter baskets are a cute yet frugal way to celebrate the holiday. For this project, you will need five sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" paper. This example uses solid colored paper with a ... [Read This]

How To Remove a Dent From a Car Bumper With Boiling Water Main

This is How You Remove A Car Dent…With Water

Instead of having to shell out a few hundred dollars every time you get a bump in your car body, this quick and easy method will remove the dent from your bumper...for no cost. Check out the Case ... [Read This]

Making Paper Beads in 3 Easy Steps

Ever Heard of Paper Beads? An Ever-Growing, Easy Way To Craft

Making paper beads can be a fabulous way to create unique accessories. You can make earrings, necklaces, or bracelets using only paper beads or mix in your paper beads with a few purchased beads to ... [Read This]


Crocodile Stitch

Tutorial: Crocodile Stitch

Crocodile stitch is used in order to add texture and flare to your crochet projects.  Crocodile stitch is a combination of stitches resulting to a certain kind of pattern. This stitch is layered thus ... [Read This]

DIY Denim and Lace Shorts

DIY Denim and Lace Shorts

If you have basic sewing knowledge and skills you can do a lot of fun things like this denim and lace shorts. This is a very easy project but is very in demand these days. Rather than spending money ... [Read This]

gift of love

The Gift of Love

When you know the basics of porcelain painting you can create great crafts. What you need are porcelain plates, porcelain paints, cloth, paint remove, varnish and oven. Before you start painting you ... [Read This]

Yard and Garden

Pieces of Advice from Cordwood Builders and Writers

Cordwood masonry is a natural method of constructing method wherein small sections of debarked tree are arranged diagonally with combination of masonry or cob in order to build a wall. The pieces of ... [Read This]

How to Make DIY Milk Jug Motives

Plastics are non-biodegradable which means that if we throw them, it just accumulates and this is why landfills these days are full of this garbage. If we continue to throw plastics, it will alter on ... [Read This]

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from a Seed

Growing trees can be a stress reliever plus it also is an exciting experience especially if it starts bearing flowers and fruits. One fruit you can easily grow whether outdoors or indoors are lemons. ... [Read This]