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Make a Stylish Shamrock Phone Charm

Mobile phone charms or phone danglers are charms that are placed on a mobile phone with the use of a small thread or a thin lanyard.  These were believed to have originated in Japan few years ago.  … [Read This...]


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Create a Cute Shamrock Plant Decor

  The shamrock is a St. Patrick’s Day symbol.  The shamrock, in Gaelic word, seamrog, means “little clover”.  This is the young sprig of clover.  It is a known symbol of Ireland and is now … [Read This...]

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Create an Adorable Soap Snowman

Do you have soap leftovers in your bathroom?  Are you finding some ways to use this soap?  Here is a perfect craft project for those soap leftovers that is very timely for the holidays.  All you need … [Read This...]

Yard and Garden


25 - 5 Ways to Make Solar Water Heating Showers

5 Ways to Make Solar Water Heating Showers

Many of us are using heated water every day. Although this is a luxury, it is still necessary that we have these heating showers in our homes to make our everyday lives much more comfortable. When using water heaters, what we … [Read More...]

45 - 5 Ways to Make Stunning Outdoor Lights

5 Ways to Make Stunning Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting is important in many ways because it does not only enhance the appeal of your home but it also increases safety and security. A well-lighted outdoor space helps highlight your landscape thus adding value to your … [Read More...]

14 - 5 Ways to Build Beautiful Garden Gates

5 Ways to Build Beautiful Garden Gates

  During the old times gates were used to contain livestock and to limit the access of people in a particular area.  It is also used to protect ones belonging by locking it up. Although these purposes can still be true … [Read More...]

10 - 5 Ways to Build Beautiful Garden Sheds

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Without proper storage your garden tools could get misplaced and it could take you forever to find it. If this is a problem that you encounter most of the time, you should build a garden shed to keep your tools in place. A garden … [Read More...]

3 10 Perfect Beauty Hacks for Summer

10 Perfect Beauty Hacks For Summer

Summer is when Mother Nature is in her full glory and the bright sunlight drives away the winter blues. But, the flipside of summer is the scorching heat that can play havoc with your beautiful skin. Here are our 10 beauty hacks … [Read More...]