10 Creative Ideas To Lighten Your Home With Mason Jars

10 creative ideas to lighten your home with mason jars

Mason jars are like an artist’s canvas – the creativity is only limited to the spectrum of your imagination. Color them, layer them with funky pieces of stuff, use them as a vase, pack your salads on the go – the internet is full of versatile usage of this mini magic.

Mason jars are such a rage right now that even the Ball Corporation has launched a modernly designed jar last year that will add a twist to your craft projects. But the founding father of the Mason jar, John Landis Mason, will he ever rest in peace? I so wish he could see this revival of his canning jars and people’s rising devotion towards it!

The best marriage of utility and design though is when you bring together two geniuses of the moment – Mason jars and lights!

There is something ethereal and elegant about Mason jar lights, have you noticed? You can instantly light up a drab corner of your house in a blink of an eye or add character to your patio or porch, ceiling or shelves.

Word of caution: Please don’t overdo it! I mean don’t clash arrangements by putting in too much variety of jars together. Remember, a number of jars should relate to the area of decor. So without further ado let me quickly tell you 10 creative ideas to lighten your home with Mason jars.

Mason Jar Chandelier

Source: https://i1.wp.com/craftwarehouse.com/wp-content/uploads/chalkboard-valentines-luminary.jpg?fit=798%2C800&ssl=1

If you dream of cascading lights but shudder at the thought of those expensive crystal chandeliers, then these Mason jar ones will definitely rescue you. 

You can imagine of lighting up your kitchen-island, the hallway or even an outdoor makeshift dining area in your garden by giving it a touch of the rustic. 

By suspending the jars from a distressed wooden board with the help of hemp ropes or a retro vintage industrial look by using the filament bulbs and black chords for suspension. You can build your own or find prebuilt ones on Amazon.

Mason Jar Chalkboard Candle Luminaries

Source: http://www.homejelly.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/jelly-jar-chandelier.png

This makes for such cute fun gifts and you can personalize them with something the receiver loves – like a cat or a leaf or as shown in the picture, a valentine heart. 

Fix a design first and get a corresponding punch to cut out the shape from a vinyl adhesive sheet. Paste the cut shape on the smooth side of a jar. Paint it with chalkboard paint or spray.
After it dries, peel off the vinyl adhesive sheet and you will find a nice little window of the desired shape on the black jar. 

Cure the paint by rubbing chalk on it and then wiping it off. Add more ornamentation by either dotting with a paint pen or drawing cat whiskers with a white chalk. Fill up the bottle with candies and a votive candle! You can find chalkboard paint here on Amazon!

Snowman Ornamentation Candle Light

Source: http://club.chicacircle.com/snowman-mason-jar-luminary-ornament-and-decoart-giveaway/

With the great holidays knocking at our doors, how can we keep the festivities out of our little lights?

This is an easy-peasy way of reliving your childhood when snowfall meant rushing outdoors to create your own snowman.

All you need is a good quality non toxic fake snow from Amazon, a couple of black buttons for eyes, orange modeling clay for the carrot nose, glue gun to stick it and a tube of Decou-page. f you want to make cute accessories like a pair of earmuffs, then use pipe cleaners and pompoms.

 Put an LED votive light inside for a soft illumination. Use this ornament to light up a shelf or put one on each step of a staircase to have your own snowman army ready to take down the Grinch if he appears to steal your Christmas.

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Source: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1X8Cje2jM8KJjSZFyq6xdzVXai/Happy-Home-Jar-Light-Solar-Energy-Wall-Lamp-Mason-Cap-Lamp-String-Lights-Garden-Party-Wedding.jpg_640x640.jpg

Why does sun have to go away for the day with the sunset when you can save some solar energy to light up your night in a very pretty way? 

Now you can buy these premade from Amazon, but creating one at home is comparatively easy and very meditative also. The choice rests on you whether you want to use solar powered fairy lights or garden stakes. 

But it has to be proportionate with the size of the bottle. All you need to do is fix the solar panel snugly to the lid of the jar facing outside and upwards so that it can charge up when you keep it out in the sun.

Mason Jar Pendant Lighting

Source: https://www.thedailycub.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/lighting-fascinating-mason-jar-pendant-light-diy-fixture-kit-mason-jar-pendant-light-kit.jpg

The pendant lights add such a dreamy old-world charm to the bedroom. 

Enhance the effect by selecting a vintage lamp holder and an Edison bulb. 

Make a hole on the jar lid to fix the socket and besides that drill holes in the rest of the lid to allow the bulb heat to escape. 

Fit everything and add the cage and dangle it from the ceiling. 

If you don’t like the cage hook, you can create pendant lights and hang them from wooden brackets from the wall or decorative metal hooks.

If you’re wondering, the lighting metal Lamp Guard for Pendant String Lights and Vintage Lamp Holders can be found on Amazon!

Enchanting Halloween Glow in the Dark Lanterns

Source: https://experthometips.com/empty-glass-jam-jars-decoration-upcycle-crafts

Spooky Halloween jars are just a perfect and a cool decor – minimal light with a right drop of drama and loads of creativity which can be downright artsy to bizarre or insanely funny. The simple ones can be just a coat of white paint and wobbly eyes stuck on them. You can add a layer of detailing by creating ‘Mummy Mason Jars’ by wrapping the jars with gauge tapes, albeit after lathering the bottle exterior liberally with decoupage glue. Of course, plant a flickering wick LED small candle inside the jar to bring alive the horror. You can find a spooky good deal for under $10 on Amazon

Homemade Candle Centrepiece in a Mason Jar


Such a simple idea but comes with a great many varieties! 

You can choose fresh supplies like rosemary sprigs and cranberries and fill the bottle 3/4th with water and place the tea light candle snuggly in the middle of the berries. Tea light candles can be found for just under $28 on Amazon.

You can create a pebble bed or pretty seashells and fill it up with water and float a candle. Tie a twine to give it a country feel. 

Spruce up your summer backyard get-togethers with this naturally scented Citronella essential oil mixed water, floating candles, lemon and lime slices and fresh herbs from your garden.   

Mosaic Mason Jar with Electric Candle

Source: https://www.foundmyself.com/gallery/albums/userpics/63490/5VSm1vh07c.jpg

This is like creating a beautiful jigsaw puzzle on a jar. 

The best way to go about it is to keep two things in mind: the adhesive used to stick the tile pieces should be clear because the candlelight should filter out and you need to piece the design together on a dry surface or a sheet first. 

That way the result will be neat and the effect will be colorful. 

Or if you want to create those grids, then you have to use non sanded grout and apply it as per instruction after fixing up your tile pieces on the jar. 

After you have sponged off the grout and the mosaic work is finished, fix a candle inside to illuminate your handiwork. For less than $18, you’ll have a work of art!

Mason Jar Monogram Light

Source: http://oleanderandpalm.com/2012/08/mason-jar-monogram-lig.html

Okay, monogram lights are hot, sexy and they complement any modern decor with the stamp of your ‘oomphy’ style without going overboard. 

So when I found out that you can recycle mason jars to create some fancy looking monogram lights, then there was no stepping back. 

All you need is a plywood, wood screws, white paint, blue painters tape, power drill, string lights from Amazon, nail, hammer, measuring tape and oodles of patience.  

Yes, it is not one of those under the hour Mason jar wonders. If you are not very sure of your craftsmanship, you can just get someone with a beginner’s woodwork skill to help you out.

Mason Jar Lamps

Source: https://masonjarlifestyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/mason-jar-lamp-setting.jpg

After a sandwich, a Mason jar is the easiest space which you can fill up with the filling of your liking. 

I have understood the best way of going about deciding the flavor of the filling is to pick out a theme first. 

So let’s say if you want a beach theme, then put sands, shells, a mini lighthouse, some tiny memorabilia from your latest beach holiday. It is like bottling your memory and then shining a light upon it. 

If you want to create a fall season themed mason jar, put felted fall leaves into it. As soon the base is ready, get a lampshade which complements the design. 

Fix up the Mason jar lamp kit as per instruction and your Mason jar table lamp is ready!

Parting shot...

If you are an individual who loves to tell stories, Mason jars can act as a brilliant medium. Lighting is integral in creating a positive vibe in a home making it restive, relaxing and fresh. These jars add a point of visual interest, are pocket-friendly and make thoughtful gifts too. It is also a great idea on creating best out of waste!

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